The benefits of exercise during pregnancy

There are several benefits of exercise during pregnancy. It can:

* Ease or prevent back pain and other discomforts.

* Boost your mood and energy levels.

* Help you sleep better.

* Help prevent excess weight gain- you shouldn’t be trying to lose weight during    pregnancy, but nor do you need to be gaining an excessive amount.

* Increase stamina and muscle strength.

* Help prevent orthopaedic issues, such as back and knee pain.

* Reduce the risk of pre and postnatal depression.

* Help with an easier labour.

* Improve your ability to deal with labour- the fitter you are, the better you’ll be able to cope.

* Help reduce constipation, which is a common pregnancy side effect.

* Help to reduce swelling and bloating.

* Possibly prevent or help gestational diabetes.

However, as with everything pregnancy related, listen to

your own body at all times and check with your doctor or obstetrician before exercising.

If you feel unwell, in any pain, breathless or dizzy at any

point, stop immediately. Now is not the time to push


It’s best to continue exercising in a similar manner to the

way you did before you got pregnant. For example, before I

fell pregnant I trained almost every day and I have

continued to do so since that is what my body is used to, but

I listen to my body and slow things down a little some days if I need to.

If you rarely exercised before you fell pregnant, don’t take

up a crazy training regime in hope of keeping your weight

down. Instead, start slowly with walking, swimming or a

yoga/pilates class that specialises in pregnancy.

Here are some of my top tips for exercise during pregnancy:

* Avoid brisk exercise in hot, humid weather.

* Drink plenty of water to keep you hydrated.

* Monitor your heart rate, aim to keep it no higher that


* Wear a non- underwired bra that fits well and gives you

plenty of support.

* Listen to your body!! Stop If something doesn’t feel right.

I currently have some personal training slots available for

pre and post natal sessions.

Pre and post natal groups will be coming to the Rachel Burr

Training timetable early 2016 😊