My favourite bikini body tips

I have to be bikini ready all year round and can’t use Winter as an excuse to hide beneath track pants until the warmer months roll around. I have photoshoots that pop up without notice and I don’t believe in quick fixes or extreme measures.

Here are some of my favourite tips to keeping bikini ready all year round:

Find the exercise that you love to do

If you enjoy the training that you do, you are more likely to stick to it. Don’t let the latest fads and trends dictate what you do, exercise to make make yourself happy and feel good.

Drink more water

Most people struggle to drink as much water in the cooler months as what they do in Summer.
Drinking lots of water will keep your energy levels up, decrease bloating and fluid retention, and also help to smooth out cellulite.

Aim to drink at least two litres per day. Keep a bottle on your desk at work, in the car and of course with you when training.

Watch your snacks and portions

Try to keep some healthy snacks in your bag at all times to avoid unhealthy treats. Nuts, fruit or a protein shake are great and convenient options.
Portion control can also make a huge difference, try using a smaller dinner plate and avoid going back for seconds.

Fake it

We all know how much better a tan makes us feel, it covers flaws, makes you feel leaner and also more toned.
My favourite place to get a healthy glow is at Bronzalicious at Neutral Bay, though a DIY home job is also a great option.

Enjoy alcohol in moderation

Nowadays I only really enjoy a drink or two when on holidays. Personally I find alcohol to have the most impact on my body in terms of making me feel bloated and puffy. I’m not saying that you should cut it out completely but you will probably notice a huge difference in how your body looks and feels when enjoyed in moderation.

Lift heavier weights

You have probably heard this before and may still be sceptical, but I promise you that lifting heavy weights will not make you bulky, big or manly.
I feel my most toned and tightest when I lift heavier weights and it’s also great for creating curves in all the right places.