The Firm on cellulite

Cellulite is the term used for uneven fat deposits under the skin that cause the skin to have a dimpled “orange peel” or “cottage cheese” appearance

Nine out of ten women have some form of dimples (unfortunately not the cute variety found on the face) which are pockets of fat pushed up against connective tissue under the skin, predominately found on bottoms, thighs and even upper arms.

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Skinny Protein

Skinny Protein is a blend of Whey Protein Isolate and Milk Protein Concentrate, has a low carbohydrate content, contains thermogenic fat burning properties and is packed full of Branch Chain Amino Acids. Also containing 24 added vitamins and minerals, Skinny Protein helps further stimulate metabolic function, eliminates toxins, balances the body’s PH levels and supports muscle growth all while boosting an individual’s immune system.

It is the ideal Protein for anyone who is looking to maintain a toned physique while losing excess body fat.


Why I use Skinny Protein

Successful weight loss can be optimised by increasing protein when your diet includes low GI carbs and can help you stay fuller for longer. It promotes lean muscle mass, supports your immune system, repairs damaged muscle, contains essential amino acids and gives you energy. It is a convenient way of building muscle mass, assisting muscle repair and providing necessary nutrients before and during a workout.

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